Marilyn-and-Tohmas-Twintrees-223x300We (Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess) gratefully travel the world doing workshops, events, readings, and sales and have done so for years. It affects us deeply to meet all the souls willing to evolve at this time; it always inspires us because evolution is not the easy path. It takes big, bright, boldness, determination, grounding and love.

We have discovered that the “front lines” in supporting this are metaphysical shops and healing centers. WOW! Even as they are doing their own, challenging healing work, they are simultaneously offering constant, hands-on support to everyone else aspiring to that wonder as well. In our dealings with shops, we want to tell you about Crystal Source in Hurst TX (co-owned by James and Joan Dillard). They are a newer shop, which means not only are they emotionally and spiritually brave— they are fiscally brave, too. It’s not always easy to finance an alternative business in these wildly transformative (unpredictable) times.

James and Joan are doing it. They have a big enough space to do any kind of event needed for their community, and they are gracious in sharing their store and their hearts. We have been blessed to have been hosted for events there (our business AND our non-profit) and each time, they have been unbelievably kind, cheerful and generous. We have never seen them not go that extra step to show anybody anything they need anytime. Plus, any time we have been there we have seen them give away (or discount) things just to make it really work for someone else.

Go and support this glorious venture! You can be a part of that spiritual service and boldness. See them. Shop there. Tell others. As you do that, Crystal Source becomes a magical center for magical beings all over the world!!!


Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, AhhhMuse, co-authors of “Stones Alive! Vol 1-3,” “The Rituals of Manifestation Deck”,“Elemental Birth Imprints” and “Feeding the Living

Body and Soul,” and more…………………………..