Yeh Ming Zhu is a very powerful stone. Use intention for release of all your genius to be at peak levels. It raises your genius to its best levels ever!



Yeh Ming Zhu Rare Natural

Yeh Ming Zhu Rare Natural
My personal experience with Yeh Ming Zhu Rare Natural


James Dillard

Yeh Ming Zhu

Yeh Ming Zhu Brings wealth. health, happiness, and good fortune. (Has rare concentrations of minerals such as Ruby, Sapphire, and diamond like crystalline structure cause its glow). I have been extremely creative and free flowing. Moments of pure joy present themselves due to removing some blocks in areas of my life. Making the difficult decision in my life for the greater good in my life which radiates out to the planet. Increases in my abilities as intuitive, clairvoyant, mediumship, channeling, clairsentient, and more. Manifestation is the key word

Clears energy blocks and restores the QI through the meridians which strengthen the aura, increases creativity, raises our vibration, balances our energies and brain activity for the ultimate performance.

Ye (Night), Ming (Bright) Zhu (Pearl) is a rare photo-luminescent earth crystal that is able to absorb energy (light, heat, Qi- or life force energy), store it, change it into beneficial energy.
Someone told me, “There is life before Yeh Ming Zhu, and there is life after Yeh Ming Zhu!” This has been very true for me. I

In ancient China, it was called the Dragon/ Phoenix pearl. It was also called the Chinese Emperors Stone, and was exclusive to the Emperor and his wife. Later, some royalty was included. Now, you and I can enjoy this wonderful stone.
The Imperial Yeh Ming Zhu Stones have the highest healing frequency of any mineral. They were beloved by China’s Emperor’s & Empress since the most ancient of days. The rare and hard to acquire Yeh Ming Zhu Gems from China are considered to be the “Emperor of the Energy Gems.”

In conclusion, Yeh Ming Zhu are infused with Rare Earth elements. In order to charge the stones, they are put out in the Sun to charge and radiate. Those of you who were lucky enough to get a Yeh Ming Zhu Gem know that they are the real deal.