The Many Benefits Of Onyx

Onyx is a stone that is black, sleek, and mysterious. On the Mohs scale of Hardness, Onyx is ranked 7 out of 10. Onyx is often mined in the countries Brazil, India, United States, and Uruguay.

The name is derived from the Greek term “onux” that means “fingernail”. The fabled origin of the onyx stone is that Cupid once cut the heavenly fingernails of Venus with the head of an arrow as she slept. He left the nail clippings in the same and they later turned to black stone, ensuring that no part of the body would suffer.

While black is not a color that anybody would associate with fingernails, almost every color from white to black was known as onyx in Greek civilizations. Today, when we think of onyx, we think of black things to set it apart from things that are white in color, or even brown or mahogany. Later on in history, Roman civilizations updated the term onyx to only refer to things that are black or dark brown.

Onyx that is found today in stone shops near me are typically heated and dyed for richer color, even though these processes do not decrease the value of the stone whatsoever.

Onyx, sard, and sardonyx are all types of chalcedony, which is onyx that resembles agate with straight bands, lines or stripes. These stripes can appear white, black, or brown in color. Sard is a brownish red stone, and sardonyx is a mixture of sard and onyx. Sardonyx has the brownish red appearance of sard, and the white stripe of an onyx.

When it comes to crystal healing, onyx does a great job at healing wounds, especially during phases of child birth for mothers. Onyx can also treat vision and hearing problems and can regenerate cells. It is capable of fortifying bones, hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Onyx can also treat fungal infections, and even the water that you place an onyx stone inside of can contain these amazing health benefits.

Onyx is a great stone for letting go of negative emotions like despair and sorrow. Onyx helps is recognizing a person’s strength and promotes good fortune. This stone that you can buy in any of the stone shops near me also promotes relaxation, especially when a person undergoes significant life changes. People who wear or carry onyx will have a better, more positive outlook on life.

If athletes place onyx on their solar plexus it is said to increase the person’s strength, stamina, perseverance, resiliency, and explosiveness. Onyx must be worn or laid on top of the body over long stretches of time in order to get the best results. Onyx collects power, albeit slowly and diligently.

For two times a month, onyx can be discharged under running water. With rock crystals, stones can be charged together. Onyx can also gain strength when left overnight inside of a flower pot. If used for long periods of time, it must be buried at least once a month to fully recharge.

Red onyx is associated with Muladhara, the first chakra. White onyx is associated with a connection between Muladhara and Sahasrara, the seventh Chakra. This balances the overall energy along all seven chakras. Onyx is capable of opening chakras, most primarily Muladhara.

As stated previously, the onyx is a dark, mysterious stone that is sleek, smooth, and contains mysterious powers that must be allowed to regenerate for continued use. This stone as well as many more stones and crystals contain many different healing and magical properties, so feel free to research the earth’s other wonderful minerals.