Blue Cavansite

Blue Cavansite

Blue Cavansite


Blue Cavansite is a preferred crystal for many psychics, mediums, intuitives, and other gifted people because is believed to open the Pineal Gland in the center of brain, which activates the Alta Major, Third Eye, Crown, Ear and Causal Chakras – together they are referred to as the ‘Golden Crown Diamond’.

 In this activated chakra cooperation, a person can see past the illusionary veil, and consider multi-dimensional realities, in all directions of time and space.

Cavansite is a stone that aids in many psychic areas, including stimulation of the third eye, intuition, psychic awareness, and channel skills. Intellectually, cavansite aids creative thoughts and beliefs, and inspires new ideas. Cavensite also aids us to reach higher frequencies which help us see our divine path with clarity and ease.  It helps see what part of life needs attention. It also helps one relax.

Physically, Cavansite can aid sore throats, sinus, esophagus, speech, and it can aid these problems from returning.

 Cavansite is unique because it not only brings people back on track who may have strayed from their spiritual path, but it also brings an awareness of integrity to a person’s actions. Cavansite can also aid in accessing the Akashic Records to learn of previous past lives.

 By learning from our past lives, we can use that information to help us navigate our present life and have a knowing and feeling of synchronicity.

In conclusion, Cavensite is a great stone to work with for our spiritual growth, divine gifts, walking our path, and healing!

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