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The Crystal Ally has been our web home and provider and distributor of geodes, minerals,healing and semi-precious stones for over 10 years. We were founded with a deep history of love for these beautiful creations that come from mother earth. Shop owner James Dillard has a special connection with all pieces he brings in to his crystal store because of his natural gifts and has a family history in geology. So let us know what we can help you with. Whether its selecting stones for particular purposes, creating a prosperity grid or choosing which stones to use in your healing practice, we                                        can help you with all of those.


Q: What makes us stand apart from other healing crystal providers? A. We have a long history of working with many stones, crystals and minerals. Our family history is in geology and we have combined that scientific knowledge with the spiritual. This unique knowledge helps The Crystal Source help you.

Q. What can I count on when buying my crystals from you? A. All of our metaphysical crystals are hand picked for quality. We take the time to listen to Spirit to order and stock the crystals our customers need. The online shop is always stocked with popular products with new items being added weekly.

Welcome to The Crystal Ally

Blue CavansiteWelcome to Crystal Ally (our online store) operated by Crystal Source (our retail store). We are James and Joan Dillard, and Crystal Ally is our online healing crystals store, based next to our retail store, warehouse, and learning center in Hurst, Texas. (Dallas/ FT. Worth area) We invite you to shop for your healing crystals online or come by the store if you are local. Please check out our large collection of healing crystals, minerals, incense, sage, essential oils, books, and more. We are working hard every day to get all of our products online, including metaphysical properties. Keep checking our site, or call us 817.280.9303. We are committed to offering you the most extensive and exotic selection of metaphysical crystals and minerals possible, at great prices. If you are local, check our schedule for our newest Workshops, energy healing, and Classes, at our 5,000 sq ft facility. Please see our Meetup site and sign up for Classes. Everything we do is designed to enhance and promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. Come in and feel the wonderful uplifting energy healing of the metaphysical Crystals, our store, and our staff offer. Whatever your background and knowledge, we want to welcome you to Crystal Source to share, learn and grow with us. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Featured Crystals sold in the past.

auralite-23-red-amethystPolished Red Amethyst Heart – Red amethyst combines the properties of amethyst, hematite and smoky quartz, so in a nutshell, it imbues a sense of calm with grounding and protection, the grounding drawing your awareness right down into your feet. At the same time, this unusual combination affects the entire chakra system, clearing, balancing, and creating a sense of flow. When held with the point upwards, the Third Eye is awakened and refined, and blossoms, giving rise to new ideas and new ways of thinking, as well as supporting the development of psychic gifts.

Zincite001Zincite is a potent stone with powerful metaphysical properties… that energizes your entire system and creates significant and powerful stimulation of all chakras. Its energy is an impressive aid for manifestation… but it must be used in small doses. It is also a crystal known to stimulate and enhance your creativity. This wonderful healing crystal is a impressive stone to use, for those who have been work ing on their higher chakras. It is especially useful if you have neglected to do much work within the lower chakras.

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