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Appointments can only be reserved with payment in full, via PayPal.
If someone cannot or does not want to pay by PayPal, please have them contact us for alternate payment options.
PLEASE NOTE that appointments on the site can only be made for Friday Nov. 23rd and Monday Nov. 26th.
We have been letting interested people know that GDV readings will be happening at Crystal Source on Sat Nov 24 and Sun Nov 25, ON A FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS 
Anyone is welcome to schedule a GDV reading for the Friday or Monday, although since Body Scans, EBIs and Aura Drawing appointments are only offered on Friday and Monday, so anyone interested in only a GDV reading would be encouraged to show up on the Saturday and/or Sunday and save the limited appointment times for the other Reading appointments.

AhhhMuse/Twintreess Trunk Sales
Hosted by CRYSTAL SOURCE, Hurst TX (gratitude to us all!)
(not for sale!)

For years, we, Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess, have been gratefully sharing
trunk sales of Stones, books, Balinese Art, Jewelry, Organic Herbals/oils—in
short, exactly the things our Spirits asked us to bring to you—to help you
evolve & thrive, immediately, unconditionally, in every way.
Here’s a small sample of goodies we will bring from our peaceful, off-grid, mountain home
in NM~
Shungite~ elegantly grounds & magnificently protects from all negativity, including EMF’s & technology.
Lemurian Seed Crystals ~ graciously, happily connects us to the Earth as we MUST do now.
Lightning Struck Quartz~ Boosts our energy & guides our nervous system profoundly.
Quartz Singing Bowls~ Play them to feel your whole body calm & your breath expand.
“Stones Alive!” Books/Jewelry/Essences/Wands~ The Stones asked us to share their exact words
with willing, evolving humans (hence the books). With their “recipes,” they guided us into co-creating
Stonecombination tools that everyone can use to ground the most immediate, empowering support possible.

Crystal Source, 441 W Bedford Euless Rd, Hurst TX Nov. 23- 26th 2018
If you would like us to listen for what would lovingly support you in your challenges & life, just ask. If we are not in readings/workshops, we are Ready!!! We love listening to Stones for you~
See you sooner than soon!!!! Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess 575-654-4757

read below link about the other readings available

Booking a Listening-Reading with Twintreess at Crystal Source

GDV Sessions Introduction

How to Receive a GDV Bio-well Scan

The TwintreessTwintreess Return to Crystal Source! WOOHOO! We, Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess, grateful Spirit listeners, come to Crystal Source, bringing everything our Spirits urge us to share with you exactly at this utterly transformative time~ Reservations: James 817-280-9303 HURRY! (We can’t wait to see you, every day!!!) Friday 11/23

Mon 11/26 Individual Readings Choose between:

Body Scan (minimum 1.5 hr) we listen to your body & pass on information it has for you to thrive!

Elemental Birth Imprint (minimum 1 hr) Every human is imprinted with an exact geometry of the Elementals: Earth/Fire/Water/ Air/Ethers, before birth, to help them remember their true selves, after birth. Here’s your perfect pre-personality self—your EBI—so you can now evolve from that perfection. (Got your EBI? We’ll show you how to USE it!)

Aura Drawing (minimum 1 hr) We draw your aura, so that you can DIRECTLY SEE it and fully know how your energy is co-creating your reality, even BEFORE you manifest it.

GDV Machine (minimum ½ hr) This sophisticated video camera (from Russia) scans the energy corona from your 10 fingers to
spontaneously read your: general energy output/vitality; yin/yang balance; organ meridians levels; stress. NOTE: We do NOT diagnose with this machine. Instead, after your initial scan, specify the issues you want supported & we will show you how different Stones work with those issues
based on secondary GDV scans after you hold helpful Stones.

ONE OF A KIND Trunk Sales of Stone Specimens/Tools/
Treasures  During Crystal Source biz hours!
We, Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess, have been visiting Crystal Source (from our NM mountain off-the grid office & home) for SIX years in a row, because you just can’t get enough of the unique Magic that our Spirits ask us to bring precisely to YOU!!! We are honored you join us!
Share the news: All are welcome~
Questions? We LOVE hearing from you!

 Stones Alive

Personal Readingswith
Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess
Spirit listeners

Years ago, our generous Spiritfamilies taught us to spontaneously talk & listen
with them. Ever since we have freely acted on their daily wisdom, which spurred
us to co-create lifemagnificence, including: our international business,
AhhhMuse; several books; a Manifestation Deck/App; StoneTools & our side-of-
the-mountain, off-grid home/office…and more (Ask!)….
Bring us your questions/issues and let’s listen to our Spirits in your choice of one
of the following readings/listenings~
Elemental Birth Imprints~ Just before birth, every human is uniquely imprinted by a natural dance of the Elementals: Earth/Fire/Water/Air/Ethers, because at birth, we forget everything—even our Spirits. Let us tell you your E.B.I so you remember your true, perfect, telepathic, BEing—your pre-personality self— instead of learned fears & judgments.

Consciously choose to evolve from the core. This is the most all-encompassing, empowering, simple, immediate way we know to transform.
Already know your E.B.I.? Bring your q’s so we can show you how to run them through the unconditional lens of your own core perfection & we will also share your Elemental Totem for the year!

Body Scan~ We ask your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic Bodies to share their greatest natural priorities & desires so that you can directly, immediately manifest your own health/vitality & joy! Unlike a medical model, we present NO
diagnoses (YOU determine you, freely), & NOTHING invasive. There are homework tasks assigned (notes provided!), so you can forever continue talking/listening/living clearly with your body as you wish~

Aura Drawing~ Let’s draw your gorgeous aura! When you literally SEE how your energy works, you can change its direction at will, usually before you have even manifested old, unwanted patterns! Keep the drawing & continually talk with it, to dream together for continual, spontaneous miracles!

GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization Machine Scan~ This brand-new, Russian video camera is the cutting edge improvement to Kirlian photography. The GDV scans the energy around your fingertips and then will display your: energy output; stress; yin/yan balance; chakra placement & organ meridian levels. NOTE: We do NOT diagnose with this machine. Instead, we show you what your body is doing and therefore how it currently deals with your life/issues. After that initial base scan, you offer your issue & we recommend a helpful Stone. You hold it; we re-scan your body so you immediately see what tools/minerals will best support your current needs/desires.

At The Crystal Source, Hurst TX 11/23-26

Contact: James 817-280-9303
Questions? We LOVE meeting you: 575-654-4757