Celestite Crystal


Celestite Crystal

Celestite Crystal Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties

Celestite crystal is a wonderful stone for help with contacting guardian Angels and developing psychic abilities. These crystals are a soft blue and have a high vibration. These crystals are amazing for meditation. Their energy is both calming and uplifting. Celestite will aid contact with angels, and help to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts.

We all have different psychic gifts that we need to or are able to develop. And if you are meant to be clairaudient, (or one of the many other Clair gifts such as clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc) using particular crystals may allow you to develop this gift at a faster pace.

Use other crystal to work with Celestite such as, Iolite, Petalite, and Selenite to help you. Once you start to use these crystals, they will aid the process to both aid clairaudience and help you begin connection with Angels and angelic beings.

Be aware that you do not need to be clairaudient, etc. to make contact with angel…as others have experienced angelic beings by other gifts or because the Angels want to be seen!

Celestite Meaning

Connect to guardian angels, angels, angelic beings, attracts angels, white light, high vibration crystal, protection, excellent mediation, aids building gifts such as intuition, clairvoyant, dreams, clairsentient, clairaudient, etc., angelic realms, angelic connection

Healing Properties

Celestite aids Pain, headaches, ears, throat, depression, stress, peace, thyroid, pineal gland, aura protection


Crystal Composition– srSO4

Crystal Formation– Orthorhombic

Crystal Hardness– 3.5

Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian  Crystal

Lemurian Crystal Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties

Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian crystal are also known as the Leumarian seed crystals, and are mainly found in Brazil. Other locations include, the Himalayan mountains Arkansas, Russia, Tibet.

These crystals are known to hold sacred energy frequencies and the wisdom of ancient ancestors. Lemurian seed crystals can be used to enhance, amplifying, intensify, transformation releasing self-limitations, disease, and disorders.

Lemurain seed crystals gather, hold, and release a very high energy with a powerful vibration. It is also an enhancer and activator of other crystals. It is believed that they have the ability to receive and transmit energy from both ends, and are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreams, and astral projection.

Double terminated crystal strength and energy flow and create an energy flow and create an energy vortex. Clears all unwanted energy, changing negative into positive, and these crystals are also known as the Lemurian seed crystals which are said to have been placed here by the ancient Lemurians.

It is believed that they were programmed to transmit frequencies to other crystals that were forming in the earth and offer a connection to the many sacred places located upon and under the earth surface to create a holographic connection between the inner earth the earth surface and the stellar regions only.

One of the Lemurians features is required to connect all other seed crystals. They enhance astral travel, communication, and connect to spirit guides. These crystals are excellent to use for healing energy work for the removal of strong blockages. They are powerful for clearing and balancing the chakras and assistant dream work. These communicators help with all forms of communication from speech to mental visions, dreams, and any other form of communication you can imagine

Lemurian crystals have multiple striations on one side or many sides of the crystal. The lore says they contain information from ancient civilizations. 

Lemuria is believed to have been an intuitive and spiritual civilization. They were tuned to energies of unity, which aid us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives.

Lemurian crystals are all wands. Wands conduct, amplify, and focus the Universal Life Force, bringing a great light source to the healing power of the healer and their work. Their aid with life threatening illness by aiding the heart chakra and the emotional part of the healing process bringing relaxation, sleep

These crystals help bring one out of despair, when life seems like you are disconnected and detached. Use the Lemurian in your healing process. These wands have powerful energy to reconnect you to life once again. Eliminating the suffer you have felt on a spiritual level, which in turn makes the physical, mental, and emotional hole again.

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